Emiquon Nature Preserve


The Emiquon Interpretive Plan creates a blueprint for bringing the Emiquon story to visitors.  This story is multifold.  It tells of the area’s ecological and recreational resources, its unique cultural history and archaeological significance, the habitat restoration underway at Emiquon, and its critical benefits to humans, wildlife and the natural world.

But how do you communicate these important messages at Emiquon without detracting from the natural landscape?  And how do you appeal to the diverse interests, needs and attitudes of the very broad audience that visits the Emiquon site – to hunters and fishermen, to students of Native American history, to elderly birdwatchers, to schoolchildren, to locals, to tourists?

The interpretive plan was a true collaboration among the interpretive planning professionals and the client partners.  Staff members of The Nature Conservancy, the Illinois State Museum – Dickson Mounds, and of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service met regularly with the planners over a nine-month period.  This plan could not have been accomplished without the teams generous input, spirited dedication, and creative juices.

Emiquon Nature Preserve
Emiquon Interpretive PlanEmiquon Interpretive Plan
Emiquon Interpretive Plan