Fort Wayne Civil War Trail

The Fort Wayne Historical Site is part of the larger Resaca Battlefield, which was the site of the first major confrontation of Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign in 1864. The property contains well preserved earthworks for two redoubts that were constructed to protect the Western & Atlantic Railroad (now CSX) bridge that crosses the Oostanaula River.

The parking area and Visitor Center is contained within a “mock fort” consisting of an earthen berm and timber retaining walls. This mock fort overlooks a field and creek, and would include sites for canons. The visitor center provides introductory interpretive information and restrooms. Steel silhouettes both within and in front of the Fort create a battle time atmosphere.

Trails will lead from the Visitor’s Center up the hill to the original Fort. Here boardwalks will protect the earthworks from the pedestrian traffic. The trail will continue toward the river, passing by the “ghost camp” area. Here in the wooded area between the hill and the river, steel silhouettes of soldiers and cannons would be placed.