Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway

Interpretive Plan

The Interpretive Planning process forged a partnership between 6 cities, 3 federal agency nature reserves and visitor centers, a landmark “look-out” Tower, a University, and 12 special sites and parks – to mutually support each other through a program designed to attract travelers to the 33-mile-long Byway that connects them all. Our client project team consisted of 12 Byway Council Members with one designated Team Leader, and 33 Regional Leader & Advisors. Therese McKee led the team for the Interpretive Planning and Design.

The Interpretive Program generated a thematic storyline, tour system, wayfinding system, signage program, along with branding, media and marketing to link the vast historical, cultural and environmental experiences available to the traveler as they are guided along the route.

The Interpretive Plan provides a compilation of rich resources for the future development of the Byway that managers of the various visitor centers, museums, sites, and communities can use as tools to help generate new interpretive and wayfinding features.