Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park

Ninety percent of the facilities at the 8,500 acre Johnson’s Shut-ins State Park was destroyed by flooding associated with the break of an upstream reservoir. MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc came in to clean up the devastation and then developed a Master Plan for the restoration of the Day-Use facilities providing a location for a new Visitors/Interpretive Center, new riverfront boardwalk and picnic facilities for large and small groups. As a subcontractor to MACTEC, Signature Design designed an interpretive program that included 10 storylines presented using more than 65 exterior interpretive markers and panels, as well as 2,500SF of interior exhibits.

The award winning exterior interpretive designs featured the innovative use of cut stone and steel in four trailhead plazas. The designs featured examples of the flora and fauna that may be discovered within the park as well as the unique geology uncovered by the flood.

  • 10 Interpretive Story Lines
  • 9,000 sq ft Visitors Center
  • 3,000 sq ft Exhibit Hall
  • 6 miles of Trails
  • 3 Interpretive Pavilions
  • 3 Interpretive Scenic Overlooks
  • 1 Amphitheater
  • 1 Outdoor Classroom
  • 2 Trailhead Sites
  • 1 Interpretive Children’s Play Area
  • Live Programs
  • 10 Podcasts (visit
  • “Making Memories” Storytelling Station
Johnson's Shut Ins Signage
Johnson's Shut Ins SignageJohnson's Shut Ins Signage
Johnson's Shut Ins Signage
Johnson's Shut Ins Signage
Johnson's Shut Ins Signage