Kemper Center for Home Gardening

The Missouri Botanical Garden

Interpretive Program For “The Social Justice Fellows Program”Produced by Signature Design 2012

  • Monthly/Seasonal Exhibits
  • Live Plant Displays
  • Live Honeybee Exhibit
  • Seasonal Video Displays
  • Gardening Calendar Exhibit
  • Exhibition Greenhouse
  • Learning Center Computer Kiosk
  • Master Gardener Education Database

Kemper Center for Home Gardening at Missouri Botanical Garden represents one of the most comprehensive projects Signature Design has worked on. Beginning in 1992, SD attended planning meetings with the client/design team to collaboratively create the Center for Home Gardening. This integrated approach has resulted in a very attractive and functional facility that allows for continual growth and change.

Twenty years later, the exhibits have stood the test of time. As most exhibits are still in very good shape without outdated looking graphics, fading or wear and tear, our client has been able to focus on new additions rather than renovations.

Kemper Center
Kemper CenterKemper Center
Kemper Center
Kemper Center
Kemper Center