Lewis & Clark Confluence Tower

Interpretive Exhibit Program

Interpretive Program For “The Social Justice Fellows Program”Produced by Signature Design 2012

  • Entry Murals line the entrance to the Tower and interpret the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, with portraits and quotes by Lewis & Clark from their journal on the date of their departure
  • Welcome Center Exhibits
  • Map Table, a large relief map with push buttons to activate video programs on each stop along the Byway Tour.
  • Interpretive story signs on the three viewing platforms

Standing at the departure point for the Lewis & Clark Expedition 200 years ago, the Confluence Tower provides unique views of the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers from its platforms. Just as the gateway for their “Great Journey West” the interpretive program establishes the Confluence Tower as the “Gateway to the Byway”. The Tower serves as a majestic and inspiring place for the visitor to begin their own journey of discovery along the Byway.

The Interpretive team designed exhibits, mosaic murals, interpretive signage, audio-visual programs, and interactive maps to encourage visitors to learn and experience the many intrinsic qualities of the Byway. Visual presentations tied to the wayfinding and tour system pave the way for the traveler to plan their journey and encourage a longer and more in-depth exploration of the region.

Award Winning Design

The Lewis & Clark Confluence Tower was awarded the 7th Annual Best Innovations Award at the Illinois Municipal League Conference in Chicago, Illinois September 28, 2010, immediately after its opening.